Stool DNA Isolation Kit
  • Stool DNA Isolation Kit

Stool DNA Isolation Kit

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Stool DNA Isolation Kit
This kit provides a convenient and rapid method to isolate total DNA from fresh, frozen and preserved stool samples, including those preserved using Norgens Stool Nucleic Acid Collection and Preservation Tubes (Cat. 45660). The universal protocol conveniently allows for the isolation of total genomic DNA from all the various microorganisms and host cells found in the stool sample simultaneously. The kit removes all traces of humic acids and other inhibitors using Bead Tubes and a combination of chemical and physical homogenization and lysis, without the need of any phenol-chloroform extractions. A simple and rapid spin column procedure is then used to further purify the DNA with high yields and molecular weights of up to 50 kb plus. The purified DNA is of the highest quality and is fully compatible with all downstream applications such as PCR, qPCR, Sequencing and microarrays since all humic acid substances and other PCR inhibitors are removed during the isolation process.

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