Cell Lysis Reagent
  • Cell Lysis Reagent

Cell Lysis Reagent

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Cell Lysis Reagent
The Cell Lysis Reagent is designed for the gentle and efficient lysis of bacterial cells in order to assist in the extraction of inclusion body proteins. Cell lysis is accomplished through non-ionic detergent chemical disruption in conjunction with mechanical disruption. The use of a needle and syringe during the procedure helps to reduce viscosity and facilitate purification, producing proteins that are often greater than 95% pure. Cell Lysis Reagent does not solubilize inclusion bodies. Inclusion Bodies can be solubilized using Norgen's Inclusion Body Solubilization Reagent (available separately). Norgen's Inclusion Body Protein Isolation Kits can also be used as complete kits for cell disruption, inclusion body solubilisation and purification using spin column chromatography

Fiche technique

500 ml