Leukocyte RNA Purification Kit
  • Leukocyte RNA Purification Kit

Leukocyte RNA Purification Kit

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Leukocyte RNA Purification Kit
This kit provides a rapid method for the isolation and purification of total leukocyte RNA from mammalian blood samples in 40 minutes. The kit is supplied with an RBC (red blood cell) Lysis Buffer for selective removal of red blood cells and fractionation of leukocytes by centrifugation. Isolation of leukocyte RNA results in improved expression profiling and other downstream applications by removing the masking effects of some RNAs which are very abundant in whole blood, such as globin mRNAs. The kit is able to isolate total leukocyte RNA, including both large mRNA and all small RNA species containing microRNA (miRNA) and small silencing RNA (siRNA). The purified RNA is of the highest quality and can be used in a number of downstream applications.

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