Total RNA Purification Kit - CE IVD
  • Total RNA Purification Kit - CE IVD

Total RNA Purification Kit - CE IVD

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Total RNA Purification Kit - CE IVD
This kit is suitable for the isolation of total RNA from a range of animal tissues such as liver and spleen, as well as difficult fibrous tissues such as heart, muscle, intestine, etc. Briefly, the tissue of interest is first lysed using Buffer RL, followed by treatment with the provided Proteinase K which aids in the removal of the various proteins present in fiber-rich tissues including collagen, contractile proteins and connective tissues. The purified RNA is of the highest quality and purity, with excellent RIN values and A260/A280, and is suitable for downstream applications including qRT-PCR, RT-PCR, microarrays, NGS and more. The kit purifies all sizes of RNA from large mRNA, lncRNA down to microRNA (miRNA) in the same fraction without the requirement of phenol. Isolate all RNA sequences at an equal rate irrespective of size. Moreover, when the RNA sequences are small (e.g. miRNA), the column binds small RNAs regardless of their GC content.

Fiche technique

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