ECOS 9-5 (JM109)
  • ECOS 9-5 (JM109)

ECOS 9-5 (JM109)

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This product can become a powerful cloning tool when it is used in combination with Yeasterns rapid ligation kit (#FYC003-100R). The ligation can be finished within 5 minutes and followed by 1-minute transformation. The fast growth rate of JM109 allows colonies to show up within 8 hours. Try this strain when you are in urgent.
JM109, a K strain bacterium, carries mutations in recA and endA, leading to minimal recombination and improved quality of isolated plasmid DNA. In addition, the cells carry the F episome which allows blue/white screening for recombinant DNA. Thus, it has been a popular strain for routine subcloning. The cells can also be utilized for single-stranded DNA rescue when M13 or phagemid systems are used simultaneously. The JM109 strain is sensitive to all common antibiotics. 

Fiche technique

100 µl x 10 vials