RBC Lysis Buffer
  • RBC Lysis Buffer

RBC Lysis Buffer

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RBC Lysis Buffer
Norgens RBC Lysis Buffer is designed for the differential lysis of red blood cells present in whole blood samples. The removal of red blood cells from whole blood is often desirable, particularly during the study of leukocyte DNA, proteins or RNA. Abundant proteins (including albumin) and RNAs (including globin mRNA) that are present in red blood cells and may interfere with downstream applications such as expression analysis are effectively removed during this process. For the procedure, whole blood samples are first collected in the presence of anticoagulants. The red blood cells are then removed through lysis using the RBC Lysis Buffer, and the leukocytes which remain can then be recovered by centrifugation. Genomic DNA, proteins or RNA can then be isolated from the purified leukocytes, as Norgens RBC Lysis Buffer is RNAase and DNase free.

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