10X MOPS (RNase-free)
  • 10X MOPS (RNase-free)

10X MOPS (RNase-free)

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10X MOPS (RNase-free)
Norgen's 10X MOPS (RNase-free) is specially designed to be used as the electrophoresis and running buffer during the separation of RNA on denaturing formaldehyde/agarose gels. RNA is usually single stranded and can fold upon itself to form strong and stable secondary structures, which is problematic when separating RNA on a gel. For this reason the RNA must be denatured prior to electrophoresis. MOPS gel electrophoresis employs the MOPS buffer as a running buffer to separate RNA molecules in an agarose gel. Norgen's 20X MOPS (RNase-free) is a ready-to-use buffer that has been certified to be RNAse-free.

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