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Extracts RNA from mammalian cell culture, laser capture micro-dissections, and FACS-prepared cell populations such as macrophages

Suitable for RT-PCR and RT-qPCR

Each kit contains RNAGEM, DNase I, BLUE buffer, 10x DNase buffer, and 10x TE

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50 RTP0050 178,00 €
100 RTP0100 339,00 €
500 RTP0500 1609,00 €
1000 RTP1000 3047,00 €

RNAGEM is a whole nucleic acid extraction kit providing an extremely simple method to extract RNA from a single cell to 100,000 cells. The kit includes RNase-free enzymes, buffers, and DNase I. It enables temperature-controlled rapid preparation of RNA from mammalian cell culture, laser capture micro-dissections and FACS-prepared cell populations, such as macrophages.

  • Simplified, hands-off workflow provides RT-PCR and RT-qPCR ready RNA in 5 minutes
  • Releases both RNA and DNA with excellent linearity across a wide range of cell numbers
  • Requires no further purification of the RNA for accurate RT-PCR and RT-qPCR analysis
  • Inhibitor-free means no harsh chemical washes or multiple steps are required
  • Reduced handling protects the integrity of the sample

Quick-Start Guide: RNAGEM (pdf)

Safety Data Sheet: RNAGEM (pdf)

RNAGEM Technical Overview: mRNA Profiles as Close to Biological Reality as Possible (pdf)

Application Note: Sample Normalization with RNAGEM (pdf)

Application Note: A Rapid Solution for Achieving Excellent Linearity from Cell Culture (pdf)